Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Blog!

Randall and I just set up a new blog for our Cake Business. I figure everyone is tired of seeing random posts about cake and they'd rather see posts about our cute boy! So, if you wanna see our cakes or know someone who needs a cake for a special event, please visit! Thanks!


Ryan and LeDawn said...

hey there! I am in LOVE wiht your cakes! I woudl like to help get the word out for you and make a post about the cakes and your site. Do you mind if I riff one of your pictures too so it intices them to head over to your blog?

Will Guy said...

You guys are way talented. I love that you are going into business, we definately will spread the word.

Hey, we are going private with our blog and I wanted to put your name on the list of readers, but I don't have your email. If you reply to this comment I think it would send your email address to me. Thanks!

Jen said...

Can you email me your home address?

Jaime S. said...

i'm going to put this on my blog so my peeps know about your business.

Cougar's mom