Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Prince & Princess!

The twins are turning ONE!! I cannot believe all of the babies are growing up so fast. Only 2 months before Tytan will be joining the One Club! Since it's such a special occasion, Randall and I decided to make a couple of special cakes for the Birthday Babies. Let us know what you think!

Happy Birthday Kaimen & Danica! We LOVE you! It's been such a fun year having you in our Family!

On a side note: I made these cupcakes for my girl Carley the other day. I thought they turned out pretty cute!


Kendra said...

Chels, these cakes are awesome! You really are Cake Titans! What cool cakes! You really outdid yourselves this time!

Rogers Family said...

You put me to shame girl!! All I know is that I love being your girl!! haha anyways I enjoyed our visit (short) but it was good!! Thanks for having me over to check out your masterpieces!! LOVE YA