Monday, December 1, 2008

Tytan's 1st Halloween

Tytan got all dressed up for his first Halloween. He was by far the cutest lil lobster I've ever seen! Daddy dressed up as a Lobster Fisherman who just so happened to get the catch of a lifetime! Mommy got all dolled up as a mermaid. . .and we were quite the fishy family. This was the most memorable and fun Halloween I've ever had. I loved spending it with my two favorite boys.

After going to the ward block party and eating chili, fry bread, and drinking homemade rootbeer, Tytan was pretty tuckered out. But, we still had some Trick-or-Treating to do! So, he gained up some strength, grabbed his pumpkin (he really did hold it all by himself!), and we took off. At the house of his very first Trick-or-Treat he collected some yummy candy and we got a picture to capture the moment.

We then ended the night with a visit to see cousins Danica & Kaimen. Dani was the cutest lil bunny and Kaimen was the most handsome monkey! It was fun having these sweet babies all together on their first Halloween.

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Caleb Keoni Wai Bo Young said...

I love your costumes!! You all look awesome. Tytan was the cutest catch of the day I've ever seen! :)