Saturday, December 27, 2008


This was a fun year for us as it was Tytan's 1st Christmas! Is there anything better than Christmas with kids of your own to spoil? Randall and I had so much fun implementing our own lil traditions for our new family. We bought and decorated our real tree, set up our nativity, made (and ate!) gingerbread cookies, wrapped presents, sang Christmas songs, and Tytan even left out cookies and egg nog for Santa! I don't have many pictures, but these few are from Christmas morning:

We woke up Christmas morning to find that Santa ate the cookies and drank the nog that Tytan left out for him!


Melanie said...

keeping with tradition - Yeah for Christmas! It was a wonderful Christmas. We are glad Tytans first was memorable!

Kendra said...

Chels, you have always done so much to make sure that everyone has a wonderful Christmas. This year was no exception. I can't thank you enough for the generosity that you shared with my family - especially my children. It looks like Tytan's first Christmas was wonderful. I love that you are establishing your own little traditions. I love you!

Jen said...

Ha Ha! I love the note you left for Santa. I'm horrible, i totally should have been doing that these last couple years even though Katelyn was too young.