Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Ultimate Shower

My Mother-in-Law hosted an incredible Baby Shower for me on Saturday. The food was scrumptious, the games were fun, and there was a huge abundance of both guests and gifts!

On the right is my wonderful Mother-in-Law. She is certainly an incredible host and made my shower so awesome. Thanks mom!

My mom was also a HUGE contributor to the success of my shower. She made some delicious food and organized the group gift. Thanks mom for all that you do!

Here's a shout out to the most incredible Sister-in-Law a girl could have! Kendra is AMAZING and planned all of the games for my shower. She had handcrafted goodies for the winners and made the shower tons of fun. My niece Jadyn was such a big help too. I'm sure Kendra couldn't have done it without her! Thanks again girls!
Finally, I would be so ungrateful if I didn't express my appreciation to all of those who contributed heavily with gifts, support, and love. Thanks to all the Aunties, Cousins, Grandparents and friends who made my shower so wonderful!

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