Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to the Bay

Am I the only one who has been totally oblivious to the greatness of the Bay Area, so fondly referred to by many as "The Bay!"? Prior to meeting Randall, I had no idea that anyone took such great pride in being from a certain place. Apparently being from The Bay automatically enlists you in a seriously cool club; one that I had heard so much about but never experienced. Randall had been dying to go back to his beloved Bay Area, so we made the journey out to San Jose. On this particular day we took a day trip to San Francisco and enjoyed all the goodness that Pier 39 has to offer: Mini donuts, fresh (delicious and expensive!) cherries, the chocolate shop (we even had chocolate covered potato chips!), and of course the beautiful weather. Here are a few pics of us at the Pier:
We also took the opportunity to visit the beach in Santa Cruz. It was beautiful, and ridiculously freezing. I have NEVER felt water this cold in my entire life. I mean honestly, the water caused serious pain to my flesh. For that reason, I stayed out of the water and just enjoyed the view (the crashing waves, the water for miles, and the crazy people actually getting in the water.)

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