Monday, June 22, 2009

Move Over Ace of Cakes!

Randall and I have been having so much fun creating cakes for every occasion. Over the weeekend we made two. The first was a Killian's Irish Red Beer Keg for my buddy Jason's birthday. I didn't even know where to begin considering I've never seen a real live keg, but google has pictures of everything. We were really happy with the outcome!

Next, Randall wanted to make a purse cake for his co-worker, Gloria. He had a design in mind and we got to work late Sunday night. I worked on the cake while he worked on the details. The finished product was beautiful. Randall did all of the intricate detail work and he did amazing! Hope you agree!


Jen said...

Seriously, you guys are amazing! those cakes are so cool:)

P.S. so stinking jealous about Mexico- You guys looked like you had a blast!

The Blair's said...

What a talent you have! I know who I am calling to make my next cake...really you should start a business.

The Bowles said...

holy cow you two! you got major skills! i'm very impressed with both. how much does one of those cost if your cousin ever wants one..? way to go, seriously!

Melanie said...