Monday, May 11, 2009

Lake Trip and Mother's Day!

We had a fun weekend with so much going on. We started off with a trip to the lake on Saturday. I hadn't been wakeboarding in almost 2 years and I was dying to go! It was also Tytan's first trip to the lake. He had a great time hanging out with Nana and Papa and he even got to drive Papa's boat! The only thing missing. . .? Daddy! Randall had to work so he couldn't make it, but we sure did miss him!

So Randall decided to enroll me in a cake decorating class for Mother's Day. I was so excited! What a great gift! And the best part. . .he's taking the class with me! He's going to be my cake decorating partner. So, on Saturday night Randall and I were up way late working on a few special occasion cakes! I did a Tinkerbell Cake for my Niece Jadyn's birthday. I was happy with the outcome and Randall and I enjoyed working on it together (although we did have a few stressful moments!).

Randall wanted to do a Mother's Day cake for all the women in his family and he did a great job! I am so proud of him! He came up with the design for the cake and executed it with ease.

We also celebrated Kristin's birthday last week, so I made up a quick cake (nothing exciting) for her birthday. I thought I'd post a few pics:


Jen said...

Seriously- You have talent! I love those cakes!!!!!

Kendra said...

Tytan was born a lake baby! Look at him driving the boat! What a cutie! Next he'll be on a wake board.

Looking at those pictures of her cake made me appreciate just how wonderful it was. Seriously, Chels, that cake was the coolest thing I have ever seen. What a wonderful gift! You are sooooo talented. All of your cakes are creative and beautiful. I'll send you over some of the photos I took later today.