Monday, September 15, 2008

Right on Time. . .But Sooo Overdue!

Okay, so Chelsea deferred the opportunity of dropping the news to me. Please bear with me, as I am an inexperienced and very nervous blogger! My aim is to express my infinite love and gratitude for my beautiful Eternal Companion, Chelsea. She is the real hero behind this story. After 9 long, difficult months we welcomed Tytan Arona Faiva to our little family. He was 8lbs. 1.6oz and 20 inches long. He looks a lot like his Daddy, but with his Mommy's stunning good looks! How we love him! Here are a few pics of the awesome event:

Daddy giving Mommy a lil' encouragement before the "Big Push".
Meeting Mommy and Daddy for the first time!
Showin off his vocal skills.

Tytan tippin the scales at 8lbs. 1.6oz
Poor kid gets violently yanked from the safety of Mama's womb and is welcomed with a handful of nasty goop in his eyes!

The happiest day of our lives!

A record-setting crowd in attendance. How many Samoans can you fit into a Labor & Delivery room? We managed to squeeze 27 in there!


Ryan & LeDawn said...

He is beautiful! And Chelsea you look awesome! I love all his hair!!! Congrats!!!

Jessica and Bradley James Olsen said...

That is amazing. Congrats We are glad that everything went great. Tytan is such a cute name! Love it. you look great.

Melanie McClure said...

Awesome guys!!! He is a handsome sweety!! You did an amazing job Chelsea!