Saturday, April 12, 2008

Momma knows Best!

Today was a fun and crazy day in the world of Faiva! For those who don't know, we are expecting our very first baby in September. Today was our 18 week ultrasound. Now let me brief you all before I continue with recounting today's events -- Randall and I had this fun little guessing game going on and I was convinced this baby was a boy. He, on the other hand, knew without a doubt that the baby was definitely a girl. our 12 week ultrasound, the tech told us that she could possibly determine the sex. (Early, I know! Crazy what they can do these days!) She looked around for a little bit, poked and prodded our lil bundle of joy, and then said, "Now I can't be 100% sure, but I'm going to say it's a girl". Ahh! How could my maternal instinct be so off?! I mean really...I wouldn't even look at girl names because I was so sure it was a boy. But, with that, we announced the exciting news of a little girl and I quickly became excited about dresses and bows and even planned the decor in my nursery. Now skip forward 6 weeks, and here we are again sitting in the lobby awaiting our turn to get a little sneak peek at our precious lil girl. This time around my in-laws and my mom joined in the fun. Every time we saw something on the screen we would say, "Oh she's so cute!" or "Wow! Look how big she is!". The tech of course questioned why we were referring to the baby as a girl, and we explained the previous ultrasound experience. She consented to confirm the gender of our lil one. So, what did she tell us?! " looks like your she is a HE!" I was shocked!! I turned to Randall and the first words out of my mouth were, "I was right! So much for paternal instinct!". We then saw a few very unmistakable shots of HIS boy parts. It was a fun surprise, and we anxiously await the arrival of our sweet little BOY!

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Kendra said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you are having a baby, and it is great that it is a boy. I am glad that Hyrum wont be the only grandson on the McClure side. He needed a little buddy. Congrats again! More clothes and boy things to follow. I am glad to give them to someone that will use them! Love you guys!